Q&A Article for West Magazine

6th June 2017

Q: As I am getting older, I am noticing that I do not need as much sleep. Can you let me know how less sleep will affect my skin rejuvenation? A: Sleep is essential to all of us and helps our bodies recharge, allows for new cells to regenerate ,immune systems function better and allows…

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Silhouette Soft – Non-Surgical Facelift

31st January 2017

The one stitch lift that all celebrities of a certain age seem to be having is the non surgical face lift. There are 2 types, PDO thread lift and Silhouette Soft. I will focus on the Silhouette Soft as this is the treatment that I carry out in Clinic. So how does it work? Silhouette…

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ageing lips be gone

26th January 2017

Reduced lip volume, dry skin and pucker lines around the lips can age the face considerably, and that’s before we’ve even considered the nose to mouth folds and marionette lines that can add to the problem. Thankfully however, there’s now plenty that can be done to both hold back and improve the signs of ageing…

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Hyperhidrosis Q & A

17th November 2016

Q: I seem to sweat a lot and find it terribly embarrassing and I can’t wear certain tops because of it. What is this condition called and is there any treatment I take have/take to help? A: Excessive sweating or medically known as Hyperhidrosis is a common condition in which a person sweats excessively. The…

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24th October 2016

Now is the perfect time to achieve a silhouettesoft ready for Christmas!! Let the collagen do the work after 3 months to achieve optimal results! Silhouette Soft gently lifts and volumises the soft tissues of the face and neck.

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