Top Aesthetic Treatments for Men

21st May 2018

As aesthetic treatments become less invasive, with fewer scars and less downtime, more men are opting to improve their appearance with the help of an aesthetic doctor. From male pattern balding to body sculpting, guys are no longer shying away from nips and tucks. Here are my top treatments that seem to be the upward…

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Find out how Botox injections can be used for medical treatments

24th August 2017

Q: I have heard that botox injections can be used for a number of medical treatments, apart from wrinkle relaxing injections? What treatments are they? A: That is absolutely correct, Botox   ®is made from Botulinum Toxin A which is primarily used in the aesthetic industry to soften/reduce dynamic lines and wrinkles. However It is also…

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Want glowing skin? Read my blog to discover the foods that will help you get the glow!

18th July 2017

Q: I have recently noticed changes in my skin in that it is looking dry and dull  so what foods can I eat to maximise my skin health? A: Skin health is just as important inside as to outside so by trying to incorporate some of these foods into your diet, you will start noticing…

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Bovey Castle

24th July 2016

Excited to be presenting at Bovey Castle today! Come and see us from 2-5 to ask any quesitons on antiaging or skin concerns

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Got pigmentation? Want to shift it?

16th July 2016

Q: I have some brown spots and patches on my Face that seem to get worse in the Sun. How are they caused and how can I get rid of them to make them look less visible? A: Dr Pradnya says these brown spots or patches are caused by a variety of reasons that include…

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