ZENii Probiotics




Recommended for

Anyone who has had recent antibiotics, surgery, stressful life event, poor diet, digestive dysfunction, IBS, bloating, inability to lose weight, leaky gut or candida/bacterial overgrowth, acne/rosacea, poor skin health


  • 8 different strains of healthy bacteria
  • Over 20 Billion friendly bacteria per capsule
  • Practitioner Strength
  • Our digestive tract contains 100 trillion bacteria. Antibiotics, the pill, ibuprofen, aspirin, stress, alcohol, poor food choices (e.g. processed foods) & high sugar diets all kill off our friendly bacteria.
  • Over 400 different bugs live in the gut.
  • A build up of bad bacteria can lead to food allergies, yeast infections (candida), weakened immune function, poor absorption of vitamins/minerals/nutrients & inflammatory bowel disease
  • Probiotics are a safe way of replacing the good bacteria in our gut so that candida and bad bacteria do not overgrow
  • Modern lifestyles have led to significant increases in cancers of the gut. Thought to be due to poor gut health, processed foods, chemicals from foods. Probiotics are very protective.
  • Every batch of our Probiotics is independently Lab tested and Certified for viability.

This means you can be sure your patient gets the benefit from these live bacteria.