ZENii Sunshine Bottled




Recommended for

  • Everyone, everyday
  • 60% of Brits are Vitamin D deficient
  • Global epidemic
  • 2000iu daily dose


  • Vitamin D is not just for bone health. It is anti-cancer, cardio-protective, good for the immune system, prevents degenerative disease and is essential for general wellbeing
  • We use UVB rays to create vitamin D
  • In the UK in the winter months the UVB Index is too low so we stop making vitamin D. 90% of our vitamin D needs to come from sunshine. So for over 6 months of each year most people are severely deficient in vitamin D & cannot manufacture it
  • Your body can only store vitamin D for 1 month
  • People of darker skin types need more sun exposure to make vitamin D than lighter skinned individuals.. approximately 10 times as much sun exposure in fact
  • People with a heavier body mass need more vitamin D too