Cosmetic attitudes!

9th August 2015

Have attitudes changed towards cosmetic procedures in the last decade? Thousands of middle aged men are sneaking out for secret lunchtime Botox/Botulinum Toxin injections without telling their partners, I have recently found out through recent research. Up to one in five men have treatment and not told their partner/spouse. Men aged 45-55 are least likely…

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Excessive sweating?

25th July 2015

Excessive sweating or medically known as Hyperhidrosis is a common condition in which a person sweats excessively. The sweating may affect the whole of your body or only affect certain areas.Commonly affected areas are armpits,palms of your hands, sole of feet and your face. Both sides of the body are usually affected and can be…

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West Magazine on Twitter

28th June 2015

West Magazine on Twitter Hi Everyone. This weeks blog offering is from my latest article out today in West Magazine.Remember to wear a moisturiser with at least SPF30 to protect your skin from aging. We offer Skincare in our Clinic to help with all your skin concerns . Contact us for more information on how…

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