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Ear piercing

with Studex® and Skin Southwest

  • All earrings are nickel safe, allergy free and EC/FDA compliant
  • Earrings are sterilised for safety with no contact prior to piercing
  • Highly trained clinicians for a safe, hygienic and positive piercing experience
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What does ear piercing involve?

At Skin Southwest, we are dedicated to ensuring your piercing experience is only positive, and you leave smiling, proud to show off your new earrings!

You are able to choose a set of sterile Studex® piercing studs, which are specially designed for new piercings. We talk you through the piercing procedure and ensure you are ready before we begin.

Your piercing cost includes a bottle of Studex® ear care solution, which will help you maintain a healthy ear at home after your piercing.

We also include a free six-week check up to make sure your piercing is healthy and has healed well.

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The Studex® ear piercing system is a widely recognised and trusted method for ear piercing. It utilises sterile, pre-packaged earrings with a specifically designed instrument to ensure a safe and precise piercing experience. Studex® earrings are hypoallergenic and made of high-quality materials like 24k gold-plated surgical stainless steel. This system is popular because it prioritises safety, hygiene, and comfort, making it a preferred choice for professional ear piercers worldwide.

Yes, ear piercing with the Studex® system is known for its safety and hygiene. The earrings come in sterile, single-use cartridges, which are loaded into the instrument just before the piercing. This minimises the risk of infection and ensures a clean, safe procedure. The piercing instrument is designed to provide a quick and precise piercing, reducing discomfort and the likelihood of complications.

We only pierce ear lobes for those aged 8 years and over. (No other piercing areas can be offered, ear lobes only) Anyone under the age of 18 must attend their appointment with a parent or adult over the age of 18.

Caring for newly pierced ears is crucial to prevent infection and promote proper healing. Here are some tips:

  • Clean your earlobes and earrings with an antiseptic solution provided by your ear piercer or as recommended.
  • Avoid touching your earrings or twisting them during the healing process.
  • Do not remove the initial earrings for at least 6-8 weeks to allow for proper healing.
  • Avoid submerging your ears in pools, hot tubs, or bodies of water during the healing period.
  • If you experience any signs of infection or discomfort, contact your ear piercer or a healthcare professional promptly.
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