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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a natural molecule that resides within every cell in our bodies and acts as a linchpin in the intricate machinery of life. NAD+ is critical to ageing well, but NAD+ declines with age. Boosting cellular NAD+ levels support cellular health, which is particularly important for those having aesthetic treatments.

NAD is an energy-generating co-enzyme that plays a pivotal role in various cellular processes. It acts as a crucial mediator in energy metabolism, DNA repair, and overall cellular function. As we age, the levels of NAD naturally decline. This can lead to a myriad of challenges in maintaining optimal cellular health, including symptoms such as loss of energy, brain fog and wrinkles. This is where supplementation becomes useful.

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Why do our NAD+ levels decrease?

As we age, our NAD+ levels drop by approximately 50% every 20 years. This happens because cells lose their youthful ability to make and recycle NAD+ and there is also an increased demand for it in the body. Other factors such as intense physical exertion, disrupted sleep patterns, and alcohol can all contribute to declining NAD+.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that replenishing your NAD+ levels is essential in defence of these factors and can offer a helping hand in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Both fasting and exercise are thought to also boost NAD+ levels, and supplements can work in combination with this to restore the cell’s youthful ability to create NAD+.

The benefits of

taking NAD+ supplements

Energy boost – If you have high levels of NAD+, it increases your cellular energy, and you will feel more energetic and alert. It can help promote and improve sustained energy levels throughout the day.

DNA repair – DNA damage is a cause of ageing. This damage can be caused by UV light, pollution, a poor diet, and your own metabolism. when your DNA health is improved by supplementing with NAD+, this can slow down the ageing process.

Cellular resilience – NAD is an essential component in cellular defence mechanisms. By replenishing NAD levels, you fortify your cells against the stresses of daily life, enhancing resilience and promoting overall wellbeing.

Supports skin health – Can help protect the skin cells that produce elastin and collagen. Also, stimulates the activation of cellular repair pathways, which aid recovery from aesthetic procedures.

Reduces inflammation – Can reduce inflammation and support skin health, as well as promoting faster healing.

Improved post-treatment recovery – Can improve your recovery and reduce downtime after facial aesthetic treatments.

Slow biological ageing – Scientific studies suggest that NAD supplementation may contribute to the slowing of biological aging, offering a holistic approach to maintaining youthfulness from within.

Improved sleep – Many users have found their sleep patterns have improved, and it has settled their body clock into a regular pattern.

Hair & nail growth – Some users saw an improvement in their hair & nail health, particularly after the first month of use.

Menopause – It can be helpful in reducing some menopausal symptoms and can help reverse your biological age. It can address cellular damage and reverse the ageing of your cells.

Why choose

NAD supplements?

Unlock the potential to turn back the hands of time by incorporating NAD supplements into your daily routine.

Scientifically proven – the supplements are grounded in scientific research, ensuring that you receive the highest quality and efficacy in every dose.

Holistic wellness – by focusing on the root of cellular health, NAD supplements offer a holistic approach to wellbeing, addressing the core of ageing at the cellular level.

As you explore the world of NAD+ supplements, envision a future where your cells resonate with vitality. Embrace the promise of a healthier, more vibrant you by incorporating NAD+ supplements into your daily regimen. It’s time to unlock the secrets of cellular rejuvenation and embark on a journey towards a more resilient and youthful you.

Welcome to the future of wellbeing, welcome to the power of NAD+.

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