There are two periods in the year that are particularly tough if you happen to work in fashion. Before you say there is no one in sympathy corner just stop and wonder to yourself can you spend one month travelling from city to city, no chance to spend any real-time at home or with family and loved ones, maybe the odd day to pop home sort your (all-important ) wardrobe and get back on the super-speed journey that is the two fashion months a year train.

In February to march and September to October New York followed by London, with Milan next and finally Paris we see the twice years high-end catwalk shows. For many journalists, (and fashion Buyers) this is a nonstop hardcore time, of not just watching catwalk shows but events dinners meetings which take up often both day and night.

The hardest thing is that the expectation is you will look super groomed, super elegant and radiate clear skin and good health. How on earth is that possible at such an exhausting time?

Well, one little trick is to cheat..well sort of cheat.

If your skin is looked after it will radiate and glow and give the impression that you are well healthy and groomed, even if you are so overtired it hurts to walk!

So one good solution is what many call the ultimate facial experience. The Fire & Ice facial. A type of ‘medi-facial’ beloved of many celebs and those in the know in skincare.

A great place to visits is a proper skincare professional for example Dr Pradnya Apte. Dr Pradnya Apte does w a whole load more than Fire & Ice facials. Her story is an interesting one, to say the least!

Starting out this lady Dr trained as a dentist and her signature treatment is a trademarked LipFXPro™ treatment which seeks to improve facial anomalies in relation to jaw and chin position with injectable dermal fillers. With this treatment means Dr Pradnya can correct malocclusions without the need for surgery including a retruded chin or an overbite.

On top of this, she has a full facial aesthetic offering, including facials, botox, Silhouette Soft threadlifts and Ellanse which is a collagen stimulating facial filler developed to plump the skin where lines and wrinkles have started to appear as well promote the production of collagen for sustained natural-looking results.

And the Fire & Ice Facial ? what is this and how does it work? Firstly it is clinically formulated utilising pharmaceutical-grade ingredients (many with plant divinities). It is simple terms resurfaces the skin without the need for any type of surgery, it reduces fine lines and encourages cell renewal.

Its name comes from the straight forward process of first applying a hot (to the skin feeling although its not physically hot) treatment that is made up of a sugar cane extract, which is a natural source of glycolic acid, the first part of the treatment also contains retinol in the form of vitamin A and niacinamide which is vitamin B3.

This means this resurfacing mask, ‘eats away’ at the old dead layer of skin that stops making our skin bright fresh and alive. A sensation of heat is pleasurable, but working with a proper Dr like Dr Pradnya Apte is not just highly advisable but means she can measure how long this layer should be on for. As ultimately it is a form of acid (albeit natural) using strong products like this at home is not advisable as they can burn the skin if left on too long or if skin is not used to such strong products.

The Ice stage which obviously cools down the skin is the rejuvenating masque contains more potent antioxidants including sodium hyaluronate ( a hyaluronic acid) aloe vera, green tea grape seed & Rosemary extract which of course not only soothes the skin it hydrates and nourishes.

One of the most important features of this facial is that clients can literally walk out of the clinic and go straight to work or play. there are no after-effects, no overly red skin to worry about. Have the treatment and get on with your day

Now one thing that is important to explain here, as many people are frightened by the idea of hyaluronic acid. It is important to explain this does naturally occur in our skin. it works by provides lubrication to the connective tissues of our joints and skin and is an important part of our skin’s overall health. Simply put, it grabs moisture and holds it so the skin can absorb it. It also plumps up the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as giving the skin an extra barrier and protection

It has had incredible results but like all strong skincare, these are products best used with a skincare specialist before trying things at home.

Dr Pradnya Apte is one such expert. Initially after dentistry first moved to facial aesthetics in 2007 and opened her first clinic in Exeter in 2015. with a clinic in London Bridge the following year. She has also taken up residence at Harley Street Dental Studio at 52 Harley Street. The home of the best health care in the world and internationally recognised as a centre of excellence

She has a loyal customer base with many fans coming back regularly for treatments which are all nonsurgical. For example, the Fire & Ice treatment can be done around every six weeks. She has the nickname the Lip Dentist, for her ability to achieve a natural-looking rejuvenation of the face based on her knowledge of the jawline and facial muscles. Being a former dentist, Dr Pradnya has perfected pain-free natural-looking lip augmentation.

She has been nominated for and won several awards for her work. These include her nomination in 2017 where she was a finalist in the category of Full Face Rejuvenation at the prestigious Aesthetic Dentistry Awards and in 2018 she was a finalist in two categories; Facial Aesthetic – Botulinum Toxin and Full Facial Treatment, for which she was awarded a Highly Commended citation, confirming her place as one of the top aesthetic practitioners in the UK. Dr Pradnya has also been announced as a finalist in the 2019 awards, making it her third consecutive final.

If that was not enough then Dr Pradnya also regularly contributes to professional press journals such as Aesthetic Medicine and is also the resident facial aesthetics contributor for Sunday Women Magazine.

Find out more about her and all the treatments she has to offer here because the information is everything and most of all when we have any kind of treatment on our skin we need to be sure we are in safe hands!

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