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Advanced Electrolysis – ACP

ACP (advanced cosmetic procedures) uses Electrolysis to remove unwanted skin blemishes such as skin tags, warts, moles, red veins, mila and much more. Blemishes such as these can be disfiguring but can be efficiently and cost effectively removed quickly by ACP with little or no residual marking on the skin. It is essential a thorough consultation and possible patch test is taken to gather the correct information and discuss the possibilities of this fantastic treatment.


Red Thread Veins

Commonly found on cheeks, on and around nose, upper chest and upper back. Dilated capillaries often caused by sun, smoking, UVA and UVB, extreme weather conditions, or hereditary reasons.

Spider Veins

Collection of vessels often surrounding a central ‘blood-spot’. Commonly found on cheeks, nose, below eyes, upper chest and back of hands

Blood Spots

Flat or protruding bright red spots which can be found anywhere on the face or body


Tint white pearly cysts commonly found on cheeks and under eyes


Benign oval shaped slightly raised textured lesions. Either coloured or pale, commonly found on the body and or face

Skin Tags

Soft and can be wriggled around, varying in size, shape and colour. Commonly found on neck, underarm, groin, and eye area often increase with age and friction.

Seborroeic Warts

Benign growth often hereditary, occur in middle age, crumbly, oily texture found on head, trunk and extremities

Age Spots and Pigmentation Marks

Normally found on the face, arms and hands. Generally sun induced, hereditary and particularly common on sun sensitive individuals

Please Note: Some blemishes such as moles may require a GP’s written consent prior to treatment with Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.

Please Note: results from the treatment will vary from person to person.

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