Have attitudes changed towards cosmetic procedures in the
last decade?

Thousands of middle aged men are sneaking out for secret
lunchtime Botox/Botulinum Toxin injections without telling their partners, I
have recently found out through recent research.

Up to one in five men have treatment and not told their
partner/spouse. Men aged 45-55 are least likely to let on to a partner/spouse
that they have nipped out for a quick injection to stave off wrinkles.

They could be trying to keep their looks to keep up with a
partner who is also having cosmetic help to stay younger, experts reckon.

Men are also more likely than women to seek the treatment in
order not to appear too old at work where they are worried about age

Around 10% of the millions of British men a year who have
cosmetic surgery are now male, said industry market place and search site

I too have found this to be true from my own experience. My
own recent Google analytics from my website www.revitalise-rejuvenate.co.uk
have shown that on average 54% of men are now looking at my website at any one
time. I have treated more men for botulinum toxin this year than ever and this is in line with
current cosmetic trends.

The most common male customers I noticed checking out the
website were 35 to 45 year olds and this seems to be the National trend. Newly
divorced men are also seeking such treatments now that they are back on the
dating scene.

One in nine of those who have treatments fit it into their
lunch hours and 21% do not tell their partners.

It has been shown that about 11% pay by cash so that it does
not show up on any bank statements. While dramatic cosmetic surgery would be
difficult to be kept hidden from a partner they see everyday, modern Botulinum
toxin treatments are much more subtle. It has also shown that men living in
cities are more likely to go for treatment.

The ‘Botox’ boom over the last five years shows no sign of
slowing down as more than one million procedures a year are carried out in the UK and an ever
growing proportion of those are carried out on males.

It would seem than men are increasingly open to having a bit
of work done and especially botox in particular as it is such a simple
procedure to uindergo to achieve a fresher look.

Other cosmetic procedures that have seen a rise are
liposuctions with a 28% increase in 2012. Other treatments also include

This increasing trend of males wanting to have some kind of
cosmetic procedure I feel marries to the ever growing pressures on men and
women to look and feel better. Glossy magazines once for women to look good is
now portrayed in Mens glossy magazines such as Mens Health and Esquire. Men are
also seeking treatment out for waxing and manicures.

Posted by revitalise-rejuvenate MediClinic 9.8.15

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