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Effects of the sun on the skin

Posted on: 12th October 2018

We all love the feeling of sunshine on our skin, it makes us feel good but when we expose our skins irresponsibly especially during the summer, it can bite back with issues of pigmentation, oiliness and irritation.


The main issue that we face during the summer months is aging effects from UV light. It is a real troublemaker and not only does it cause sunburn but it also damages the structure of collagen and elastic fibers that cause our skin to age. UV light is not only harmful to the skin but increases the risk of skin cancers which unfortunately we are now seeing now on a global scale.
It is so important to protect our delicate skins and that it why it is so important to wear sunscreen daily, even when there are clouds about. Skincare wise, we can switch to lighter serums so the skin does not feel congested and heavier in the higher temperatures.


High temperatures can also contribute to increased inflammation of the skin. We tend to sweat more in the hot weather and in turn the sebum dissolves in the sweat and gives our skin that oily shine. In addition, the oil from the skin mixed with sweat and dust can clog your pores which in turn leads to inflammation in the form of spots/blackheads.


An increase in pigmentation occurs when melanocytes ( they produce the pigment in your skin) are excessively stimulated and this causes them to produce more pigment than required. This overstimulation results in some areas being darker than others.
To reduce pigmentation, skincare with lightening products can be used however some of them can irritate the skin. Wearing a high SPF (physical better than chemical) will help reduce/prevent hyperpigmentation.


During hot weather the moisture in our skin tends to evaporate from the surface of the skin leaving it dry. This can actually speed up the aging process and wrinkle formation due to dehydration. Products which allow the skin to retain water should be used. Hyaluronic acid is important for retaining water inside the skin whereas glycerine helps our skin stay hydrated from the outside

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Posted by Dr Pradnya

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