Though May is now behind us, I think it is still important to create awareness for people about being cautious in the sun whilst this amazing weather continues and of course the risks of skin cancer.

Did you know that over 86% of melanoma skin cancers are preventable and the UK particularly, cases are rising year on year? There are now more that 16,000 new cases per year.

Below are some facts about Skin Cancer:

  • It is currently the most common cancer globally.
  • 1 in 27 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 40 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime.
  • There are two main types of cancer: melanoma and non -melanoma.
  • Non- melanoma cancers are ones that develop in the upper layers of your skin ( epidermis). These tend to be Basal Cell carcinoma (BCC) or Squamous Cell Carcinoma ( SCC). These tend to stay localised and do not spread to other parts of your body.
  • Non – melanoma cancers develop in areas most exposed to sun such as face, ears, hands, shoulders, scalp., upper chest and back.
  • Melanoma cancers are more aggressive and can spread to other areas of the body which means they are more serious.
  • Sun overexposure or use of sunbeds increase the risk of developing these types of cancer and more 1 in 50 skin cancers are now diagnosed below the age of 50 which is quite early compared to other types of cancer.
  • Darker skins are more susceptible to a melanoma type that is not associated with sun exposure.

So how can you lessen the risk?

  • ALWAYS use a 5* rated sun protections, preferable sun block SPF 30-50.
  • Wear a broad spectrum sunblock/sunscreen daily to protect against sun exposure as well as digital screen light damage from harmful digital rays. I recommend IMAGE Prevention +.
  • Do not forget to apply sun cream to tips of ears, scalp, back of feet and lips. For lip protection I recommend IMAGE MD Lip Enhancement spf 15.
  • Limit time in the sun, and stay shaded between 12-3pm.
  • Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  • Sun protection needs to be reapplied every couple of hours as it can rub off your towel, sand and sweat.
  • Do not use sunbeds/sunlamps. Use fake tan lotion or sprays.
  • Protect your skin with professional skin products eg IMAGE Skincare.
  • Restore healthy skin with specific laser/ IPL treatments in Clinic.

For more information about the IMAGE Prevention and MD Lip , contact the Clinic for an in depth Consultation using the Skin Scanner.

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