In this day and age, we all seem to be more health conscious
and skin aware than before and as a result of this, being fifty or more is no
longer considered ‘old’.

There are plenty of celebrities out there that look amazing, for
example Courtney Cox and Demi Moore and so there is no excuse for not looking
after yourself and letting it all go.

Maintaining a youthful glow is more of a challenge now with your
oestrogen levels declining as menopause is imminent. This is turn means your
skin is drier and thinner.

As appearance is important for some people, there is plenty to
be done to make sure your skin does not suffer. From Vitamin supplements to
specialist skincare products, diet and exercise to non surgical cosmetic
procedures, the options available are as effective as you want them to be.

Here are some tips for your skincare in this fifth decade and
make sure you age the way you want.

Diet and exercise

Food and physical activity is vitally important to women in
their 50’s and you will find it contributes to a wonderful overall sense of
wellbeing and appearance. Your metabolism slows down naturally as you age and
if left alone, lean muscle can turn into fat. There is also an increase risk of
diabetes and heart disease. It is important however to remember that is
important to have some unsaturated fat in your diet to keep your skin supple.

Skincare products

There are a huge range of skin care products that are available
to use. For women in this decade, they should choose cram or lotion cleansers
that do not strip the skin of their natural oils and use serums that penetrate
down to the dermis to work more effectively. It also very important to use a
moisturiser with at least spf30 to prevent further damage to the DNA which
causes ageing.

Ingredients that are vitally important for skin include
retinoids ( Vitamin A formulations) which are ‘rocket fuel’ for its anti aging
properties. They work by resurfacing the skin,increase cellular renewal,
improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Formulations that
cosmoceutical in strength also cause mild shedding of the skin which is great
for improving the skins appearance.

Other ingredients that are important are glycolic acid based
products that also resurface,brighten and hydrate the skin and Vitamin C which
is good for collagen production and reducing the redness in the skin as it aids
in broken capillary healing.

Non surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Injectables like dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin injections are
extremely well suited to women in their 50’s as they help correct lines, folds
and restore facial volume. There are a lot of products out there so it is
important to choose a qualified aesthetic practitioner who can guide you and
decide which is best for you.

Results should be subtle and natural and this is important for
some people as it completely restores their confidence when others compliment
them on how well they look.

Laser and Intense Pulse light. This is a great treatment for
reducing areas of pigmentation. There are benefits to this as they include
removal of superficial wrinkles and as well as tightening of the skin. It is a quick
.non invasive procedure that delivers results after one treatment with minimal

Non surgical facelifts ( One Stitch Face lift). This is an
amazing procedure that has immediate results for those that do not want to have
surgery. Silhouette soft is a procedure that I carry out in my clinic with
fantastic results. The procedure takes about an hour and the threads lift the
soft tissues in the jowl area and the cones not only provide traction but
gentle volumising too as they start to break down. The results last about 12
months but in conjunction with bio stimulating fillers they can produce a
natural enhanced look .

In my clinic . I carry Image Skincare which is a cosmoceutical
skincare range that delivers key ingredients to the deeper parts of the skin to
achieve real results that improve the skins condition and texture.

For more information on Silhouette Soft, Image Skincare or any
other treatments that I offer, please email us on [email protected]
or visit


Posted by Dr Pradnya on 24.1.16

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