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Skin tips for fab Winter Skin!

Posted on: 15th November 2015

Q: As the weather gets colder and the heating is turned on,
what are the best ways to keep my skin healthy during the winter months?

Winter weather is not fun for our skin. Cold temperatures and low
humidity results in dry air which takes valuable moisture away from the skin
every second. Without care, the skin will dry leading to cracking and bleeding
and harsh winter weather especially if combined with cold winds can make the
problem worse. Central heating robs the air of moisture as do hot showers,baths
and harsh cleansers. Additional moisture can help but you will need to do more
to keep your body and facial skin looking youthful and smooth. So to reduce
chapping,itching,redness and to keep the skin more healthy and comfortable this
Winter, try my Skin tips!

Wash in lukewarm water. Though a hot shower or
bath seems glorious at the time, the heat of the water actually will strip your
skin of valuable oils making it more prone to redness and itching.

Moisturise immediately after you have washed.
Applying body lotion/moisturiser to damp skin helps seal that dampess into the
skin. Keep a bottle of handcream /body lotion nearby and use liberally after
every time you wash your hands/body.

Some moisturisers have petroleum based ingredients
that actually further dry your skin during the winter months. Choose a smart
formula that has natural nourishing ingredients and go for an oil based rather
than water based solution, as it more likely to help your skin retain moisture
in winter.

Protect your skin by wearing gloves &
scarves. Do not forget to wear sunscreen as the winter sun can be just as
damaging as summer sun. Make sure the product contains titanium dioxide and
zinc oxide to get the best protection.

5.      Drink
Water! We tend to drink less in the winter because we turn to hot drinks but do
not forget your skin needs hydration from the inside. A little warm water with
lemon is refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

6.      Moisturise
at night. Drier areas like hands,feet,knees and elbows have thin skin and tend
to lose moisture faster than other areas. Use a deep/richer moisturiser at
night and do not forget to moisturise your face with a product designed for
overnight repair.

7.      Exfoliate.
It is important to help the skin slough off the dead cells in winter because if
the dead cells are not sloughed off, moisture can not get in. I recommend an
exfoliating mask with a combined ingredient of glycolic acid that will
accelerate skin turnover. I also recommend a body lotion that contains glycolic
acid to increase cellular turnover to keep your body smooth. Only use the
exfoliating facemask once or twice per week.

8.      Winter
skin is more fragile so avoid allergans that will cause your skin to flare up.

9.      Hydrate
from the inside out. Eating food high in water content can help your skin
hydrate from the inside eg watermelon,apples,kiwi and watery veggies like
tomatoes,celery,cucumbers and carrots. Also make sure you are getting enough
Vitamin C  and zinc to support healthy
production of collagen and elastin, components needed for a glowing complexion.
Consume more fatty fish and flaxseed to give your skin the building blocks it
needs to keep your skin supple.

10. Change
your cleanser. Use a more hydrating cleanser and do not leave your skin too
naked for too long as dehydrating it can lead to more dryness.

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