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Top Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Posted on: 21st May 2018

As aesthetic treatments become less invasive, with fewer scars and less downtime, more men are opting to improve their appearance with the help of an aesthetic doctor. From male pattern balding to body sculpting, guys are no longer shying away from nips and tucks.

Here are my top treatments that seem to be the upward trend for non surgical treatments this year. It only used to be 10% or less when I started the Clinic in 2014. Now we are seeing more than 20%. I think one of the main reasons is the little/limited downtime.

In the past, cosmetic surgery was associated with bruises and bandages – extended recovery time and exaggerated post-surgery features. Naturally men shied away from such invasive and extensive procedures. For one, they can’t conceal bruises with make-up, and secondly they loathe taking time off work for reasons associated with vanity.

With the newer methods and technologies, it’s now possible to get reasonably good results with no recovery time at all. Hence more men are keener to undergo such procedures and are more comfortable talking about their experiences with their spouses or male buddies.

Fat freezing/ Cryolipolysis is a treatment that we have definitely seen trend in our Clinic. We are noticing that we have a number of male clients that are coming in , so that they can ‘sculpt’ their bodies in stubborn areas that are hard to shift despite going to the gym.

Another reason we have seen an increase in male clients at our clinic is because we specialise in treatments like Botox ®, The Liquid Facelift ( this is done with dermal fillers) and Endymed 3Deep, the skin tightening which are very popular with male patients because they require almost no downtime. Endymed 3Deep is also popular with our patients that have acne scarring and we are seeing some results from this treatment.

Ellanse , which is a collagen stimulating filler has also seen an upward trend as lots of men ask for jaw defining with this particular product. Hollowing of the temples and improving their facial profile for example augmenting the chin is also quite a popular treatment that I carry out.

Skincare that is results driven is an essential part of men’s daily routines and we are finding that our male clients love the products that we sell and they are noticing a change in their skins for the better and in some of our clients, skin concerns such as rosacea have been addressed.

Men have now realised that in addition to getting fit and trim in the gym, they can also improve their physical appearance by visiting an aesthetic doctor. This in turn boosts confidence and helps advance their career or business. We’ve found that highly-driven male corporate types enjoy the feeling of having control over their appearance, as well as their career. These men are now embracing aesthetic treatments.

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