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Using toxins therapeutically

Posted on: 25th May 2015

Using toxins therapeutically:

Botulinum Toxin A has been
used medically since the 1950’s and further developed for therapeutic use since
the 1970’s.

The increased demand for
its use in cosmetic uses has been mirrored by a corresponding use for therapeutic

Hyperhidrosis or excessive
sweating is a real problem for approx 3% of the population. Sufferers may
produce may produce up to 40 times more sweat than normal.

Day to day social activities
like shaking hands may prove embarrassing and patients can feel humiliated with
stained and soaked clothes as well as perceived body odour.

Certain medically designed
deodorants can provide partial solutions. However treatment with Botulinum
toxin blocks the release of acetyl choline at the nerve muscle junction temporarily
inactivating the relevant muscle fibres.

The patient can get relief
for up to 6 months. It can also inhibit sweating temporarily.

Botulinum toxin treatment
can be used to treat arm pits sweating. It can also be used to excessive
sweating on the forehead,upper lip together with palms and soles of feet.

Alleviating pain: Migraine
affects 25% of the population. It is caused by vascular changes.It has also
been associated with teeth clenching. It can be treated with Botulinum Toxin by
injecting the forehead muscles and nape of the neck. It can greatly reduce the
severity of the symptoms and in some cases can actually reduce the frequency of
migraine attacks.

It can also be used to
treat back pain by placing Botulinum Toxin in the muscle either side of the
Spinal column.

Dental bruxism or tooth
grinding is a painful condition and is potentially damaging to the tooth
structure and its surrounding structures. Teeth clenching is also damaging to
the tooth structures and the surrounding structures and patients commonly
complain of broken teeth for no apparent reason,waking up with tight facial
muscles and headaches.

Dental bruxism is often
treated with an occlusal guard worn over the lower teeth at night. This
interferes with the teeth meeting together and allows the protective reflex to
gradually establish.

Using Botulinum Toxin in
the masseter and temporalis muscles reduces the biting forces and supplements
the benefits of the occlusal guard,

Botulinum Toxin can also
be used to treat depression.It seems that one’s mental and emotional well being
is dependent to an extent on what the face is doing-irrespective of why it is
doing it. For example if one is forcing a smile for the camera at a wedding and
the individual is feeling bored,negative and gagging for the reception, the
mood can elevate because one is using the set of ‘smiling’ muscles!

It has been used
successfully by a single of dose of Botulinum toxon in the frowning muscle.
Depression has been reduced up to 47% after 6 weeks according to Clinical Trials.

These are some of the
other uses that Botulinum Toxin can be used for instead of just treating those
lines and wrinkles!

We carry out all these
extra beneficial treatments at our Clinic.

At revitalise-rejuvenate-
Doctor Pradnya has over 9 years of Aesthetic Experience. She provides a free, no
obligation consultation in the heart of Exeter.

Please call us on 01392
426285 to discuss how we can help you achieve the new you in 2015.

Posted 25.5.15 by revitalise-rejuvenate.

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