I believe that the initial consultation with your practitioner is the most significant part of the aesthetic journey. It is an ideal opportunity to find out what treatments are best for you, get to meet the practitioner who is going to carry out the work as well as a platform for you, as the patient, to ask as many questions as you like! I love chatting with my patients, both new and returning too and get to know them as it is such a personal thing.

Assessment Form

From my perspective, it gives an insight even before I meet the patient what they are concerned about for the face or body. I have learnt over the years, that what a patient wants and what a patient needs are entirely different!

Medical History

An in-depth medical history form is filled in at Consultation. This allows me to see what medications or allergies if any are present. Some treatments may be impacted by their medical histories.

Some treatments are ‘contraindicated’ due to medical histories and this is something patients may not realise so this is why a thorough Consultation is necessary.

Trust and Rapport

This is an opportunity for the patient and the practitioner to meet and to discuss the patient’s concerns , goals and desired outcomes. It is so important for both parties to feel relaxed so the patient can ask questions, feel safe, comfortable ,valued, and for them to realise it is all about patient safety and not for any financial gain for the practitioner.

Facial Assessment

Again, a great understanding of how some treatments may benefit if other areas are treated and this is something that should be discussed in detail. Skin quality should also be assessed and this is so important in my opinion as it is the ‘ tapestry’ for an injector and patients with better skin quality will achieve overall better outcomes. For me, it is all about educating the patient so they understand their aesthetic journey better!

Treatment Planning

Consultations are for YOU! The entire time spent during a Consultation is about building rapport and trust. As an Aesthetic practitioner, I use this time carefully to recommend what I feel is best to achieve/reach your desired outcomes as best as possible and educate you on maintenance of these treatments as unfortunately, nothing is permanent!

Pricing is also discussed at this stage so there are no hidden surprises.

We offer a Skin Savers Plan through GoCardless and you can save this way towards treatments/ skincare or pay as you go.

If you would like to book in for your no obligation Consultation, you can book online through the website or call us on 01392 925700/ 07544 965213. You can also email us on [email protected]

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