So skin and the microbiome, are they intrinsically related?

Human skin is the largest organ and serves as the first line of defence against environmental factors. The uppermost layer- the epidermis is composed of keratinised epithelium and further down is the extracellular matrix with the dermis at the bottom, where the nerves and blood vessels lie.
Our body is interconnected with a complex community of microbes called microbiota.

So, what is the microbiome? These are the microorganisms and their surrounding environment; they live in the same habitat and form an ecological niche together.

These microbes do not simply reside on the skin, but interact with the skin in a variety of different ways which significantly affect the skin barrier function.

Interactions such as these can be positive, negative or neutral and these inter relationships are a product of a well controlled and delicately balanced microbiome.

It is a well known fact that gut microbiome plays a really important part in maintaining skin-gut homeostasis. When these relationships break down, subsequent triggers can be seen in the skin promoting development of skin diseases.

One of the main conditions we see when there is a disorder of the skin microbiota is acne. There are other conditions that are also seen such as atopic dermatitis, rosacea and eczema to name but a few.

So what can you do to restore the balance?

  • Using a mild cleanser like the BIOME+ cleanser which maintains a natural pH balance and supports the optimal environment for healthy skin microbiome
  • Spending time in nature. This has been shown to increase the diversity of skin microbiome and interacting with urban spaces
  • Exercise
  • Taking care of your gut health
  • Being mindful of how you shower- no oversantisiing as healthy microbiome feed off the natural oils on your skin so over stripping can potentially harm the microbiome
  • Minimise stress

Using skincare designed to help stabilise the microbiome will definitely help.

A Symbiosis of skin leads to healthy, happy skin!

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