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Déesse Pro LED Mask

The original market leading LED phototherapy mask. The Hollywood must have Déesse Pro LED provides a safe, pain-free way to achieve naturally vibrant and clearer skin. It treats all skin conditions using different light frequencies to aid concerns like the following;


Déesse Pro uses low-level Light Therapy (LLLT) by way of high quality surface-mounted,light emitting diodes (LED’s) in 5 variations to expose the skin to five clinically proven wavelengths of light. It will stimulate natural cellular responses. These responses lead to skin-rejuvenation and the improvement of common problematic skin conditions.

The treatment is popular with the likes of the Kardashians, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson and Madonna. It can be used as a stand alone treatment or can be used as an addition to other facial treatments that we offer.

Déesse Pro uses low level light therapy by way of high quality surface-mounted, light emitting diodes (LED’S) in 5 variations to expose the skin to five clinically proven wavelengths of light.

Blue – 415nm

Destroys p-acne bacteria and minimizes redness and irritation

Green – 520nm

Regulates melanin production, reduces pigmentation and reduces redness.

Yellow – 580nm

Activates toxin elimination, improves decongestion and stimulates lymphocyte production.

Red – 630nm

Increases collagen production, restores cell function and provides essential energy for cellular renewal, nutrition and removal of waste material.

Near infrared – 830nm

Penetrates to the deepest level, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and stimulates cellular reproduction and repair.

Anti-ageing (MODE 1)

Uses near infrared and Red

Acne (MODE 2)

Uses near infrared and Blue

Detoxifying (MODE 3)

Uses near infrared and yellow

Pigmentation (MODE 4)

Near infrared and green

Recovery (MODE 5)

Near infrared and blue and red

Rosacea – (MODE 6)

Uses near infrared and blue and green

Congested Acne (MODE 7)

Uses near infrared, blue and yellow

Inflammatory Acne (MODE 8)

Uses near infrared and blue and green

Please Note: results from the treatment will vary from person to person.

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