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STEREX Electrolysis


This treatment is a method of hair removal mainly used on the face, particularly those of you that suffer from coarse unwanted hair on the lip, chin or neck. We use a method of epilation called shortwave diathermy to heat the hair follicle, which in time will shut off the blood supply to stop the hair from growing. It is not a painful treatment, you may feel a ‘pin-prick’ sensation, however, time of the month for women can make the treatment more sensitive. This treatment requires a consultation where if you have any other queries or questions about the treatment they will be answered.

Advanced Thermology

This treatment is an advanced method to be able to remove skin tags and millia. The skin tags can be either on the face or on the body, and typically a quick and effective treatment. Millia are white or yellow hard lumps of oil that will remain on the skin until removed professionally, an electrical current is placed into the oil to shrink it in size and usually disappears a few days later. Poor exfoliation can be a cause of these unsightly lumps so a full consultation by your aesthetician will be given upon an appointment being made.

Please Note: results from the treatment will vary from person to person.

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